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Tradeo Review

Tradeo is a social trading company that operates under the brand name UR Trade Fix, Ltd, a CySEC regulated company with license number 282/15.

Founded in 2012, Tradeo is an STP broker that offers a host of social features. Tradeo combines social trading with an advanced, synergistic trading platform, making Tradeo’s SocialTrader one of the first platforms to fully integrate both social and trade execution within the same visual interface.


Tradeo offers one standard account that requires a minimum deposit of only $250 to get started. Traders have access to nearly 100 Forex and CFD Instruments. Tradeo is not, strictly speaking, a broker in its own right, but a partner of FXGlobe Ltd, who are the actual providers of the brokerage services obtained through the Tradeo platform.

A Tradeo demo account may be held for an unlimited period of time, which is a nice touch, allowing users the chance to get really comfortable with the set-up before putting any real money in.


Tradeo trading is available both online and on their iPhone app. While Tradeo is not the first social trading platform, they are one of the newest and most heavily invested in the social trading concept as the new wave of Forex’s future. This can be seen in their total dedication to providing a very pure social trading experience. All following and copying is completely, totally, 100% free of charge.

Examples of social trading appear right on the landing page which presents moving images of how social trading behaves online and what a trader can see just be clicking on the social trading tab.

Tradeo's Platform Social Bar
Tradeo’s Platform Social Bar

Tradeo has also made sure to include a range of social and messaging tools, which allows an interaction beyond trade analyses, creating a true social experience and allowing traders a more open window to base their intuitions of trust upon.

One of the unique features of the Tradeo social trading platform is that additional commentary is provided that explains the strategic moves of one’s choice of partner. In other words, a trader may learn as he/she goes along with each mirrored trade. Automatic stop-losses may also be set for added protection.

Tradeo’s clients can view all traders that have made themselves public, see their trading statistics, follow them, or copy them. And if either of the two traders has accepted the other’s “friend request”, they can chat directly, just like Facebook traders that have a wall where they can see what your “friends” are doing. This can be a great way to learn, although new traders need to beware of false messiahs. If handled with care, these social tools can really speed up a new trader’s education.

Tradeo Public Traders

The Social WebTrader is an advanced trading platform, layered with social data such as technical indicators and analysis, social charts, one-click trading, free trading signals and more.

One feature that makes the Tradeo’s social chart a little special is that it includes real sentiment and volume indicators, which may be switched on or off at any time. This is true data showing where the majority of Tradeo’s client have their positions on any given currency pair, and how much is being traded through the brokerage. These can be powerful tools for traders who know how to use them.

Tradeo's Platform Community Sentiment Indicators
Tradeo’s Platform Community Sentiment Indicators

Lastly, provides a built-in economic calendar, which can actually be filtered by currency. This is a useful feature. The calendar is clear and well stocked and traders can coordinate their choice of options to the dates listed on the calendar.

Tradeo's Platform Built-In Economic Calendar
Tradeo’s Platform Built-In Economic Calendar


Tradeo offers professional training with a financial consultant, providing all the knowledge one would need in order to trade, even more. The training, which is personalized for every customer, familiarizes them with MT4, the charts and Tradeo’s platform.


Deposits can be made via credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill and Neteller. There is no maximum deposit.

Customer Support

The Knowledge Base is a very useful FAQ service that lists scores of different questions and answers concerning all aspects of social trading and the how to of setting up an account at Tradeo.

In addition, traders can contact a Tradeo representative by sending an online message. Feedback can be sent to the Tradeo team in the same manner. In addition, access to helpful support personnel is available through live chat, email or direct phone connection, which is not surprising given the social nature of the brokerage.

I must admit that when doing this Tradeo review, I found the slim column at the bottom of the page for opening an account somewhat bothersome. Although it can clicked off, it pops up on almost every page and often interferes with the rest of the information posted there.


The management team at Tradeo has gone to tremendous lengths to provide a social trading platform with a plethora of unique features and benefits for both new and experienced traders. Picking a few traders to follow, trading becomes almost automatic and with the right picks, hopefully automatically successful.